Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice Breakers from the Vaults of Theatre Games

A friend asked if I knew of any theater games that would work for ice breakers. (Perhaps you've seen the same ice breakers over and over again?) So here are three ideas:

1. What's Your Name and Your Claim to Fame
     If the group is larger than about 30, then it will need to be split up into more manageable sizes. If it's a rather large group and everyone is sitting around a table of about 10 people, then each table will be it's own group.

     Remember those rhythm games you played as a child? The one in which you slap your thighs then clap your hands, and repeat. That's what everyone does as they say, "What's your name and your claim to fame?"
     Person 1 might answer, "My name is Chuck and I have four indoor cats." Everyone repeats the chant and Person 2 answers the question.
As you can see the "claim to fame" doesn't have to be incredible, but it just might be.

2. Good News/Bad News
     We're not learning names with this game, so everyone in the group may want to
introduce themselves before the game begins.
     The leader takes a group of people--as above, it could be by tables--and Person 1 begins with a "Good News" statement; for instance, "The Good News is I found $100 on the sidewalk." Person 2 adds "Bad News": "The Bad News is it was counterfeit." And on around the table.
     It isn't necessary for everyone to listen to each table's Good News/Bad News creations but if there are not too many groups, it can be a lot of laughs.

3. Two Truths and a Lie
   Okay, this might be one of those games that is used often as an icebreaker. So if you're tired of it, use one of the games above. But if you haven't tried it, read on.
   Each person in the group gets a chance to tell two truths and one lie about themselves. The lie can be told anywhere in the sentence or group of sentences spoken by the person. At the end of each player's statement, the rest of the group tries to decide which is the lie. For instance, I might say, "I have five st. bernards. I've been to Greece. I've rappelled off a cliff. " Those in the group guessing that my lie is the dogs would be correct.

Prizes for the games are optional. But if I'm playing and I win, I want Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Dove Chocolates...thank you.

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