Saturday, August 27, 2011

A How-to Theatre Book Written

Wow, I get to combine theatre and writing in this blog post. 

Finally, after years of plodding along, I finished my theatre book to my satisfaction. It's a how-to-teach-theatre for elementary teachers. Knowing that their time is limited, I wanted to write something that was easy to follow. So the book has sets of 15-minute activities that help develop theatre skills. But why bother? Because kids can use these skills for a lifetime! It helps with how they see and present themselves, how they communicate, and even how they read.

I used to substitute teach and I noticed that when it was time for "art," there was always only one kind--visual art. Not that that's bad but that was the only

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gadzooks, Look At the Time

Kudos to those parents who let their kids take their time coloring crowns. 
Cwerks had a booth at Riverfront Family Fun Festival today and our hands-on activity was crown-decorating. We cut out crowns for the kids, they would use markers or crayons to decorate them and then we'd fit them to their heads.