Monday, February 7, 2011

The Amazing Properties of Glitter Glue!

What a cool invention is glitter glue!
How unique!
How simple!
Yet it just adds something to a project.
e, for instance, a blue formal and silver glitter glue...

Because it's acostume and because I found it at a second-hand shop for only $12.99 (true price), I wasn't too afraid of ruining anything. Notice the glitter glue dots--easy and fun, fun, fun; dots must have a calming effect. Perhaps there's a study out there: The Effects on the Anxious Mind of Creating Circular Shapes and the Long-term Benefits of Daily Shape Circling.Notice the glitter glue piping around the bottom edges of the bodice--

that took a minute per side (not including drying time).
I love it when you get to experiment with creativity and not be afraid of ruining something. It's so much more thrilling. It's like Ms. Frizzle in the Magic School Bus Books and you get to "Get Messy." Maybe I should go with the motto "Creatively ruin something everyday!"
Then there was the paper crown. The printer ran out of red ink and the glitter glue came in a set. Red glitter glue for the crown!

And look, another circular shape. (I'm on to something)

So, dear friends, go out and creatively ruin something today!

(BTW, don't let your curious cat walk across the glitter glue while it's still drying.)

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