Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 9 Everyday Ways People Use Theater Skills

Theater. So unessential. So superfluous in the general scheme of things. Right? Actually, I believe the opposite--theater skills are essential, necessary in day-to-day life. Here are 9 ways theater skills are used on a regular basis:
  1. Oral reports. Usually something just school-age children and youth have to do but...
  2. Presentations. Ah, now we're with the adults who must impress a boss or client.
  3. Job interviews. Nice clothes (costume); best smile (stage presence); exuding confidence (acting).
  4. Reading out loud. Children do it at school; adults read a book to their children or a quote to their colleagues.
  5. Memorizing & Rehearsing. For that presentation or oral report; the joke you'll tell your friends; the question you want to pop.
  6. Speaking Loudly. If you need to be heard over the whirring, roaring thingamabob, you'll speak up. In theater, it's called projection.
  7. Greeting people. You have to put yourself out there, just like actors do every time they get on stage.
  8. Business networking. Marketing your business puts you in the spotlight.
  9. Improvising. Stage actors may blow a line and have to improvise; in everyday life, one might have to "wing it."
I use theater skills because I am in theater. And they have served me well in lots of ordinary activities that have nothing to do with the stage, such as the nine written here. Hm. Do you know a 10th everyday way to use theater?

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