Friday, April 8, 2011

The Creativity Take-Over

I started by sketching with pencils...and not the cool drawing pencils; usually, it's a click pencil I have handy in my purse. After I filled a couple of purse-sized sketch books, I grabbed another with the idea that this sketch book had to be filled with color this time. I bought the really fancy/expensive Prismacolor pencils...I've only colored about 5% of the sketches in the book. Nevertheless, once you start being creative,
it's hard to stop! The family painted the kitchen during spring break, but we couldn't stop with just slapping on a coat of paint; we painted hot air balloons in a few spots. I've been working on a fancy cross stitch for months now (I only do a little at a time). I got to teach bread-making to a few kids. I've got two novels and one non-fiction to edit. I wrote a new 45-minute children's script in January and had to create a few neat costumes for it. After I finish getting my tax return complete (!), I plan on writing a new murder mystery...and a couple more novels while I'm at it. And yesterday, I completed a hot air balloon painting for my husband's birthday. (Do you know how hard it is to paint a picture for someone who's home mostly at the same time you are?) And it was difficult because I was using a photo to draw from and of course the whole time I'm worried because the painting is not coming out like the photo--duh. But I like the end result and here it is:

Perhaps I'm getting braver with being creative...or perhaps my brain is being taken over by the creativity bug. 

Are you being taken-over? If not, try it...everybody's doing it.

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