Monday, April 11, 2011

Creatively Ruin Something!

In February, I posted about glitter glue because I was working on a new costume at the time. It was slightly scary using that glitter glue; I had no idea if it would work out. But I plunged ahead and was pleasantly surprised by the results. And that's when I told myself, I needed to be brave and creatively ruin something everyday. What's funny is I find I still get a little--or a lot--nervous right before I start being creative because I'm pretty sure I'm going to, sure enough, ruin something.

I really don't know what I'm that afraid of. It's not like the projects I'm doing are that perfect anyway. Besides, the more I try, the better I get, right? Or maybe the more I try the more creative I get? I don't know but I do need to stop stopping myself. Here are some of the sketches I was afraid to start coloring:

And what about writing? Gotta have the perfect word, the perfect sentence, the perfect character, right? Well, when I've participated in National Novel Writing Month, it's been so fun because the goal is to reach 50k words--we're talking quantity, forget quality (that comes later with editing). It was so freeing to just type away and not stop every paragraph and re-do something. And there are so many writer's blogs that preach "write crap" (they might use another word) just so you get something on paper. Google "writer's block" or "write crap" and you'll see.

And on top of all that, when did I get to be a perfectionist?! Maybe I've always been a closet perfectionist and never admitted it to myself, hiding behind a joke or a laissez-faire facade.

Note to self: Get over it. Get going. Be creative. Ruin something. Enjoy.

Note to others: ditto.

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