Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two Different Shows in Two Consecutive Days

Be unmemorized? Moi? Jamais.
Nor will I ever mention the number of pleading prayers said within those two days.

I love performing once it's over. But the preparing for it can be so stressful. I tend to think I'm not ready--sometimes that's true. Fortunately, my husband with whom I usually perform is understanding, especially when I pre-apologize. When I perform with my daughter, I worry though because I know she'll be better memorized than I and I don't want to goof her up. My husband is able to wing it until I figure out where I'm supposed to be. It always feels like an eternity has passed by while I'm improvising lines with my husband but in reality we're talking up to five SECONDS.

Time is such a relative thing.

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