Saturday, April 4, 2009

Theater Activity #1: Projection

Theater is an amazing art that carries over into real life. Children (and adults) develop and increase in skills such as reading, team work, confidence, creativity, speech, cooperation and more. It enhances a child's (and adult's) learning capacity. Theater skills are used in the big people world: job interviews, team work and cooperation to solve a problem, presenting ideas to a group, giving speeches. So here's an activity to do with your child. If you don't have one then find one so you can practice without embarrassment because it's good for adults too.

Theater Activity #1: Projection
Projection is speaking loud enough to be heard in the back of the room by someone who is hard of hearing, even if a fan comes on. But it's not screaming. You're not speaking just to the quiet person in the front. Stand across the living room from your child. The child says, "Hi, my name is _____. My favorite color is ____________." If the child is not easy to hear, say, "Project" and the child tries again, being louder this time. Try this again as you step further from the child (such as into the hallway). Use different sentences: My favorite food is... My favorite animal is... etc.
Now take it outdoors and try again. More projection is needed outdoors where there are no walls to hold in the sound. Projection can be practiced with things such as spelling words, math facts, or historical events.

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