Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Word Games

I love word games. Maybe it's because I'm a reader and writer--maybe not. Despite the fact I'm both a reader and writer, my pronunciation, spelling, and speaking skills don't always shine. I think that's why I'm also a mime. That's me, I suppose, a pile of paradoxes. Anyway, back to the word games. Here are some that I like:
*Scrabble: we own the deluxe turntable one. I'm not always in the mood for a long word game but when I am this is the one of choice.
*Syzygy: (Isn't that a great word? Look it up in a good dictionary, or check online) This game is like Scrabble in that you're making a crossword puzzle. But for this game, the players are each racing to create a crossword in front of them. Here's the website: (tell them I sent you, maybe they'll give me credit and I can start giving the game as wedding gifts)
*Scattergories: (what is it with all the "S" names?) We play both the junior and the regular editions. Oh, that timer makes me jump every time.
*Boggle: Hints & Tips that have worked for me: +write as many of the small words as you can and as fast as you can. Quantity might win you the round. +If you find the word "tea," see if you can also get "ate" and "eat." +When you find a small word, look for consonants to go in front; for instance, from oat, you might also get boat, goat, bloat, float, etc.) +Notice letters that are blends: th, st, tr, kn, str, sp, spr, etc. and look for words using them. +Make the plural, too. If there's an "s", check each word as you write it down to see if you can create the plural form. +Write down words that MIGHT be real. Okay, you're not sure if it's in the dictionary. So? Write it down. First of all, it saves time if another player writes it, too--you don't have to look it up in the dictionary. Second, it just might be in the dictionary and you'll get points. Yay!
*Oh, Scrud: There's not too many of us who have this game because it was my father-in-law's cousin (?) who created it. My FIL gave us one a long while ago. It's a word card game similar to gin but you make words for your sets. I think the game Quiddler is similar.

Stop reading. Go play.


  1. I am the developer of ThatWordGame SYZYGY...Thank you for blogging about it....and if you will spread the word again and tell people AGAIN to mention you I will reward you - possible a game for a Wedding Gift...we have had players gift a game at a wedding shower and at the wedding the game is on a table...All guests are encouraged to make the crossword puzzle with Wedding Words, i.e. BRIDE GROOM CAKE INVITATION etc... Lots of fun for everyone.....thanks and hope to hear from you...SYZYGY Lady

  2. Well Hi!
    My husband met you at a Portland Business Assoc meeting a while back; that's how we knew of and bought the game. I've just added you to my links on the left.

  3. I know your post that mentions "Oh, Scrud" is from a few years ago - but we have it. I bought it many years ago & haven't played it in many years. I can't find the rules anywhere - even looking all over the internet. Do you have a copy? Or tell me the basics? thanks

  4. Vickie, Contact me via email and I'll email you a copy of the instructions: