Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mrs. Claus

I figure since this blog is supposed to include musings of a performer, I should write about that.

On Dec. 13th, I got to play Mrs. Claus next to my husband's Santa--he makes such a good one. I have such fun being Mrs. Claus because I get to be nice to everyone. My usual self is to get exasperated with situations (and, I confess, people--sorry, I'm trying to overcome impatience right now!) So, anyway, I get to be everyone's favorite "grandma" and they treat me ever so nice, too. It really is fun.

At this particular gig, there were lots of adults I knew. So I went around saying, "hello, dear" and giving hugs. When the children came to sit in Santa's lap with me next to him, a 10 year old girl I knew from an after-school drama class came up. She was so surprised that we knew what school she attended and that she liked drama. She did finally realize who I was. She was impressed with my acting ability :)

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