Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank you, Assistance League of Salem

Since November, we have been performing our play "Paul Bunyan" regularly in the schools, thanks to the Assistance League of Salem and their program Operation Art Adventures. They contracted with us May 2011 to do about 30 performances in the Salem area elementary schools and we'll be finishing up those performances next week on the 29th.

One AL member asked me today if I'll be going into withdrawals next week. I said that I'd be
dancing around the house because I'll have more time. Now I'm thinking she was so RIGHT. Tears are starting to form at the corners of my eyes just writing this post!

And why is that? Because of the kids! Through the months we've performed we've had teachers and counselors tell us:
"It was so great you picked that child to play the part; they needed the boost."
"Great job! The kids really loved it."
"They've never been so attentive in an assembly."

 And the kids have commented:
"That was a great movie you did." (Okay so they don't get to see many live plays. We'll worry about the vocabulary another day.)
"Can you come next week?"
"Thank you for letting me be Babe the Blue Ox."
"You did good!"
"Thank you."

What a delight. Thank you, Assistance League, for allowing us this wonderful school year. Thank you, kids, for being great audiences...and remember the secret code is 398.2

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