Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hel-lo. If you bring a flashlight into a dark room--no matter how small the flashlight--it is noticeable. If you start texting on your cell phone, it's like a little flashlight in a dark room; it's DISTRACTING. If you are so addicted to texting you can't put your cell phone away during a 1.5 - 2 hour movie, DO NOT come to the movie theatre. Wait until the movie comes out on DVD and watch it at home. And don't even think that you'll just leave the theatre if you have to text or take a call.
Seeing you come and go is distracting as well.

And another thing: Don't cross in front of me--even if I am in the back--to get to the other side of the theater, especially when the theater has TWO ENTRANCES. Take yourself out the one door and come through the other. Duh. And don't use your cell as a flashlight; wait by the door until your eyes adjust. It's not as dark as a cave.

And one more little rant: If you come when the movie has started, and I don't care if it is just the previews, find a seat and SIT DOWN QUICKLY. I do not want to be watching your butt as you figure out where to sit.

I'm tired of politely watching or ignoring such rude behavior. I now commit to politely saying something to those who insist on pretending ignorance to such courtesies.

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