Sunday, March 4, 2012

To Be or Not To Be Validated

My world is tough. It's full of critics, the toughest being the one in my head. 
As a writer, I'm in a critique group. The members of the group are supposed to tell me what's wrong with my writing so I can improve the story. When I attend writer conferences, I usually pay to have someone else critique my work. I'm actually paying for someone else to criticize me!
As a performer, the angst is whether the audience is going to like my acting.
As a mime...
well, we all know jokes about mimes.
Then there are evaluations.
I have  to evaluate what I can change in my story. Perhaps the main character is too young or too old.
I have to evaluate the performance. Was it the audience or was it me? And it's a triple threat because I write the scripts so: was it a bad script?
When I teach theatre, there are more evaluations in which the students get to say whether or not they liked anything I did.
ACK! Do I love the torture of being constantly critiqued or evaluated? NO!!!
But I love what I do so I'm not stopping. (And, honestly, I do know that the critiques and evaluations are for me to improve.)
Yesterday, I happened across a YouTube movie, 16 min., that I must share. I wasn't going to watch the whole thing when I stumbled upon it, but I was smiling within the first minute and I was delighted with the whole movie. So for all of you with critics within and without, here it is:

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