Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Typing up the Edits

Besides Christmas and molasses, I don't think there's anything slower than typing up the edits made on my printed out manuscript. The process is thusly:
Look down at the manuscript for scratch outs and additions.
Look up at the computer screen and scroll to that page in the manuscript.
Look down at the paper to verify where you are.
Look up at the manuscript to find the exact spot.
Look down for the changes and memorize what those are.
Look up and highlight the letter, word, sentence or passage.

Look down at the changes that are no longer memorized.
Type the changes.
Verify the typed changes.
Look for the next marked spot...try not to re-read the whole thing from the spot you just finished to the next marked spot--takes longer that way.

You know, it is kind of encouraging though when you get pulled into your story again.


  1. Wow! I couldn't do that with a hardcopy! I do all my reviewing using the review feature in Word. That must be so tedious to do it that way! Good luck!

  2. Next time I'm going to try out the editing feature and see if that works for me. I'm thinking it might not because I like to see the words in front of me as I rewrite...but you're right, it was very tedious so I'm hoping I'll be pleasantly surprised when I edit on computer next time.