Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Away!

My MG Fantasy novel, White Fire, is completed for Round 1 of editing. Phew! 

It's being critiqued by my writer's group, an editor friend, and family members who have an eye for good storytelling. Then comes Round 2 of editing. I already know I left off a couple of chapters...not the whole chapters, just I forgot to put "Chapter 4" and "Chapter 5."

My poor editor friend got my pre-edited version without me realizing it. this good or bad? She liked it before she knew that it was not my edited version. So either she is being a little too gentle or maybe she really liked the story. I'm going with "liked the story" because I sent her the story on Thursday, she finished it
by Sunday. I hope she likes the edited version. Maybe I made it worse. I guess I'll know in a week or two.

Unfortunately...or fortunately, I don't have time to sit around and wonder about the red marks the members of my writer's group, my editor friend or my storytelling family members are making because I'm on to a new story!

Time to write. Round 2 editing of White Fire will have to wait until all the votes are in.

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