Monday, October 11, 2010

I Like Playing Left Field

(disclaimer: I don't play a lot of softball anymore, but when I did...)

I liked playing left field. When chosen for a team, with no idea what I could or couldn't do, the team "captain" would usually place me in left field, especially if it was a co-ed team. I was okay with that because I would just wait my
chance. I watched good hits send the ball to right field; many balls stopped at the infield, and I still waited. All I had to do was keep alert. Be ready. Sooner or later, a fly ball would come nearer to me than to the right fielder and I had my chance--I ran all out to get under that ball. I watched that thing until it hit my glove. Then I saw the expressions on the faces of the rest of my team--especially the captain. They were surprised and excited and I was a hero for a moment in time. I must admit though, I really wasn't that great at softball so playing left field was perfect because I had less opportunity to make a fool of myself. And as long as I kept a sharp eye out for that perfect ball, I could manage to look good.

Going up to bat was fun, too. I'm not a heavy hitter; oh, I tried really hard every time. I even had a good-looking stance but smacking the ball for me was sending it just beyond the pitcher and sometimes slightly past second base; I could never get it way out there, most annoying. But no one expected me to run so fast. I was almost to first before the person picking up the ball realized it. The best was when they'd throw it anyway. I could tell by the time the first baseman got the ball, I'd be almost to second, so I kept going. If the first baseman was foolish enough to throw it to second while I was running there, I'd head on into third. Usually by then the pitcher was calling for the ball.

It's kind of fun when no one expects you to be good at something; then you can come from left field and wow them.

I love playing left field!

(10/12/10 Update: So my husband read this and told me left field is actually where most of the balls go because hitters pull that way...Great, it just shows how ignorant I can be. But I know it was left field that I would end up--I guess no one was too worried that the ball would come way out my way. Well, then, perhaps I was often in right field, too...)

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