Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Empathy for Charlie Brown's Lucy

I was doing a bit of cross stitch while watching a movie with the fam when I needed to get another length of thread. As I'm measuring and cutting, a length of it lies over my lap and dangles towards the floor. The cat of course thinks it's a cat-toy. And I just think it's funny as she bats at thin thread.

I get the two threads I need and I lick the ends prior to threading the needle, as per usual. I don't know, maybe it's gross, but once I thread my needle and if the threads are a bit twisty, I'll take the whole piece of thread just through my mouth to get it straightened. And it's not like I'm drippin
g saliva on the thread--it's just a quick brush-through on the inside of my lips.

e that the cat was catching the string with her mouth!! I zipped the string through my lips and when it reached almost the end, I went through lots of moisture. It took me about two seconds before I realized it wasn't my spit! Cat germs! Yuck!

Recollections of Charlie Brown flashed through my head when Lucy was kissed by Snoopy and she rushed around screaming "Dog germs! Get the antiseptic!" I thought Lucy was silly. Now I know what she means! I ran for the kitchen to find whatever I could that could be an antiseptic for my mouth.

So gross.

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