Friday, June 18, 2010

Theater Activity #3 Trip to Hawaii

I love games and I combined a group game with the practice of the theater skill of enunciation.
Trip to Hawaii
The group sits in a circle. Person 1 says, "I am going on a trip to Hawaii and in my suitcase I will pack _____________" Person 1 fills in the blank (and it can be as silly as "my pet elephant"). Person 2 says the same sentence but this time fills in the blank with whatever Person 1 said and adds "...and ____________," filling in the blank with something else. Person 3 says the same sentence and what the other two have added to their suitcases, followed by one more item. And on it goes around the circle. There's one more little thing the students must do--they OVER-enunciate everything. The "p" in "trip" almost comes out as two syllables--"trip-puh" (not quite almost; there may be a lot of spit flying). The "t" in "suitcase" must also be overdone; all the words need to be over-pronounced.

The reason for this type of practice? Normally, most of us slur our sentences. Listen to people talking and you'll notice that "and" is usually pronounced "an." Agreeing with someone becomes, "yeah" instead of "yes." In everyday conversation, people are likely to understand you, but when you're in front of a group delivering a speech or performing a play, the words may not be as clear and no one from the audience is going to raise their hand and ask you to repeat. No, we're not going to over-enunciate when in front of an audience but we're going to enunciate rather than slur our words.

Variation on the game:
Use a different sentence--
"I am going camping and in my backpack, I will place..."
"I'm in a rocket and out the window I can see..."
etc., etc.

Haavuh Ffunn!

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