Monday, July 27, 2009

What an Exhausting Week!

CET (Children's Educational Theatre) where I work for 5 weeks in the summer just ended Saturday. The mornings were classes, the afternoons were rehearsals (I did a cameo in the musical) and evenings were performances of the different shows that CET produces in those five weeks. Friday night was strike of the musical, Saturday morning was evaluation and further clean up, Saturday night was the fine arts concert and strike after that. Gadzooks! That's a lot of shows and a lot of clean up. FYI: the 30 children I directed did great. They even had the presence of mind to ignore (or catch) the tri-walled pillars on wheels that started moving when the wind came up (the performance was outdoors).

Now onto this busy week of teaching clowning skills at the children's museum and theater
skills for Educational Enrichment.

There has got to be a time to collapse, I just can't find space for it on the calendar.

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