Monday, July 6, 2009

Snowball Fight in Mime

Snowball fights can be rough, even in mime, especially if you're the instructor of 25 kids. Snowballs in mime NEVER miss their target which is usually the face. Snowballs in mime can NEVER be dodged. If you are the instructor, do not walk across the room during the snowball fight and act as if you're above the mayhem, even if you're just trying to move something off the floor so no snowballer will slip on it. You've actually become The Moving Target and most of the children will want to hit you with a snowball. Do not react by dropping them to the floor and rubbing mime snow in their faces; that's as good as a thrown gauntlet to a knight--they will now want to see if they can take you down. Do not allow your teenaged Teacher's Assistant to yell out, "Get [Your Name inserted here]!" And never, NEVER allow them to take you down--be brave, be tough, even though they outnumber you. Instead, change the approach. Yell, "Let's make snow angels," and drop to the floor. Then they will all lie down on the floor and the snow flinging stops. The one advantage to a mime snowball fight is you don't get cold...quite the opposite, so open a window and turn on the fan before you start.

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