Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Script is Hatching

After directing 30 kids in Three-3-III (a script I wrote), I made a note to self for next year's play which was "KISS" = "Keep It Short & Simple" (or "Keep It Simple, Stupid" according to some, but I can't go around calling myself "stupid" all the time; I might start to believe it. Anyway...). I was thinking I had made things short and simple with Three-3-III. I need shorter and simpler (would that be KISSER?) So I started writing the new script in my head, getting some characters, figuring out a storyline--I even wrote one song, too bad I didn't record it when I had the tune in my head. I'll try to remember it later...I'm lying. I'll never remember so I'll make up a new soon as I find the piece of paper with the words on it. Maybe I should just wait until the deadline nears, then I'm sure to write and record everything that needs writing and recording.

Well, then. I guess I'll say the script is in incubation instead.

(it's July 31 for another few minutes. I thought I'd write while it was still July--so I got in two posts. Yay.)

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