Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mime Show

(My goal with this post is to keep it short; let's see if I can do it.)

I think most people think "clowning," "street mime," and "leave me alone" when hearing the word "mime." To me it's storytelling, and it's magical. With no objects, no hidden cameras, and no special effects, a mime creates entire environments that the audience can "see." I remember watching Marcel Marceau create a sidewalk cafe, with at least six characters. In spite of having nothing but himself on stage, I could see each table, chair, pool table, door, and all the other props he created. And the characters! Even they were distinguishable from each other. Yes, magical.

I had a mime show last Saturday for a children's event. The closer it got to the event, the more I was sure that no one would show up--or maybe five people would come. I was wrong. Forty-five people showed up and most of the children were older elementary--perfect for what I do. The 46 of us had great fun.

(and I kept it short-ish--miraculous!)


  1. I would have loved to be there to see you perform! You have always amazed me.