Monday, May 2, 2011

Pirate Guns, Sound Effects and Jokes

We performed Captain Bobella of the Beast last week. It's an original pirate story of a cruel pirate captain (me) and Lagee (Chris), a sea-loving pirate. Captain Bobella is yelling at everyone to swab the deck or practice knot-tying, and Lagee brings in her hat. But he's smiling, so Captain Bobella yells some more and gives Lagee a long list of chores. Then she exits to go inspect the galley. Well, Lagee loves the sea so much he starts telling pirate jokes* and laughing. Captain Bobella enters on the run with gun (bought from
Disneyland years ago) drawn. It just so happened that at this particular show and at the exact moment I entered, someone's balloon somewhere nearby popped. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw several people jump. Heck, I almost jumped--I was pretty sure the gun didn't make any noises at all.

After the show was over, a young man wanted to know if he could see the gun and "fire" it to hear the noise. He was surprised to learn that it didn't really work. Oh, but that was a well-timed balloon explosion.

*Pirate Jokes:
Q: Why did the pirate captain feel like she was always being watched?
A: Because the crew kept their "aye, ayes" upon her.

Q: What did the pirate say when he saw the hurricane coming?
A: Air she blows!

Q: Why did the lookouts never answer their captain?
A: They had to rest their aye-ayes.

I suppose there are other good pirate jokes out there, probably better...

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