Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do I Really Like Writing? Or Is the Grass Always Greener...?

On my to do list: finish landscape cross stitch; start dragon cross stitch; 1/2 done quilt; just started quilt blocks, two quilt kits waiting in the wings; cool outfit sewing project; restore treadle machine; paint kitchen; volunteer somewhere in my community; crochet a scarf; remove blackberries; de-clutter; read more books; decide what's truly important to me; etc., etc, etc. (etc.).

But I'm thinking about the new show that we'll be doing in Feb...the one I have to write. I have two novels and a non-fiction to edit. If I don't edit them, I can't submit them. If I don't submit them, they won't be selected for publication. Then I think about my other to-do list (see paragraph one). Wouldn't it be nice just to create something beautiful? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the time to sew or paint or de-clutter while listening to music-that-would-date-me-if-I-named-the-band?

Or if I had that kind of time...would I sit at my computer and write?

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