Sunday, January 3, 2010

Who On Earth Said "The Show Must Go On"?

Hacking cough, barely a voice, children's show yesterday...and sicker in bed today. The show went fine (I think). The kids enjoyed it. We got through it. We got paid. Whether a mom or a performer, the attitude of "the show must go on" is prevalent and I need to evaluate that statement for its truthfulness for each situation. Did I really have to run those errands on Thursday and Friday, instead of resting? Of course the answer is "no," the errands could have waited. Did I have to perform on Saturday? Well, no. My daughter knows the show and it probably would have been easier on the audience's ears to hear her singing, rather than me. I had the kind of voice that makes you want to clear your own when you hear it. Had I been thinking, she could have prepared for the show since Thursday. And she's good enough to have picked it up in three days. But, noooo, I was thinking "the show must go on...and I have to be the one to do it." Silly me. Alternatives, I must be creative and think alternatives. Now, back to bed for me.

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