Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Their Eyes Light Up for Santa

Chris has already played Santa twice this month (I know, crazy, right? It's not even after Thanksgiving) and it's fun to look around at the children's faces as they watch him go by or when he stops to talk to them. One little boy brought Santa a gift...which left his sister crying because it was hers. But it's okay, Santa was able to return the gift without hurting the little boy's feelings.

Actually, I'm not talking about the children's eyes. As I stand in the background watching who sits on Santa's lap to get a picture, it's the adults--and the teens--that amaze me. There are many who want a picture with Santa, too. One massage therapist and her whole staff got a picture with Santa. They loved it! There were the two sisters (teen and young adult). And there was a grandma, too.

There are some adults who still believe in the magic of Christmas.

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