Sunday, March 22, 2009

And the Dog Takes Off, Too. And While We're Talking about Pets...

Not to be out done by the cat, Cute, one of our outdoor dogs, broke her chain and went racing through the neighbors' fields after dark this evening. Cute is black. Hard to see in the dark. We weren't worried or heart sick this time. Frustrated would be a better word. Okay, maybe a tad worried--not for the dog but for the chickens she might have chased and caught. I don't think our neighbors have chickens any more though. So we waited and she came back promptly--9 p.m. compared to Bobcat's 5:20 a.m.

And while we're on the subject of pets: my 12 yo wanted to buy her own pet. She looked into corn snakes and lizards. I don't know why the reptiles but that's what she wanted. She finally decided on a bearded dragon. We went to the store to buy the cage set up and had everything in the basket but the light. The bulb cost $80! We put everything back and went to craigslist to see what was available. We also went to and found more information than we had before. Then we returned to the pet store to gain more knowledge. Those bearded dragons have to eat crickets every day and not the ones you catch in your field; no, you must buy the non-disease carrying crickets at the pet store and the crickets need to be gut-loaded, which means they're being fed a special diet high in vitamins and minerals so they will be of nutritional value to the bearded dragon, because crickets don't have nutritional value. And those blasted crickets are 15 cents each and a young beardie needs six per day and you have to have a container to hold the crickets and you have to buy the special food for the crickets so they'll be nutritionally valuable to the dragon. And the crickets are just a side note for food for the bearded dragon. I have no idea how bearded dragons survive in the wild, eating non-nutritional, disease-laden crickets. If we want one in the house, we'll move to Australia and it can catch it's own food.

My 12 yo is just going to get another Tamagotchi or two, this time with my enthusiastic approval.

(Hats off to those of yo
u keeping bearded dragons and other cool pets like that)

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