Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put on Your Seatbelt & Other Constant Reminders that Should be Constant

How often did you hear your mother say, "Put on your seatbelt" or "Wash your hands" or a thousand other little reminders to help you turn into a responsible adult? (How many times have I said those things as a mom?) My mother also said, "Lock your door," right after "Put on your seatbelt." Funny, one day I turned to do what she had asked and the door was already locked. I had done it automatically. Nowadays, I don't tell my family to put on their seatbelts because they do it automatically.

A week ago I was thinking that, as a director, maybe I concentrated on projection too much. Maybe I should ease up and concentrate more on the acting as well. No, duh, right? The acting is pretty dang important. Except
that I got yet another email from a friend who shared an enthusiastic report from someone who had attended the production we just finished. The report? The woman could hear everyone in the cast even though she was sitting 3/4 of the way back! And remember, that's an enthusiastic report, which tells me projection is becoming a thing of the past, even though people in the present still love it.

Bottom line: No, I will absolutely NOT ease up on telling my casts to project. It needs to be as constant a reminder as my mom's "Lock the door." So project, my actors, project! I will not stop hounding you on that until your voice reaches the person in the back row with hearing aids!

Then I'll pick something new to harp on.

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