Friday, June 17, 2011

Let Your Kids Give It a Try

Thursday, a couple of kids I've been coaching performed a short Tortoise and the Hare skit for the local library's preschool storytime. I'd say the show lasted all of four minutes. The script was one of mine, written for a couple of kids to perform. This script is not to be confused with the two-person script of the same name that runs for 45-minutes and is meant to be interactive with a large audience. This is one of two scripts written so a couple of young friends or siblings can perform for mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. Or in this case,
the handful of youngsters at a preschool storytime.

The performers--ages 12 and 15--rehearsed a couple of times a month for several months (but it added up to three or four hours of rehearsal, along with the actors' memorizing time) before performing in front of a small audience. The novice actors got nervous, as was to be expected, but they performed just as rehearsed and the show came off well.

A friend in my writer's group attended the performance because she has a little one. She commented how well the skit went and wished her older two had been able to attend (one was sick and the other was staying nearby) because they had downloaded the play a few months earlier and read it out loud. She wanted them to see what the finished product might look like.

I'm sharing this just so you know, there are short scripts available for the young ones to try out:

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