Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finished a Play--Kinda

Every time I write a play, it seems to morph constantly. I finished writing "The Empress's New Clothes" to be performed in a couple of weeks and despite my having an outline, picturing it in my hand as I'm writing (I'm a director, too, so this is good), going back through the entire thing a couple of times to check for errors and to change the length as needed, I make it all nice and pretty to print out in booklet form and I find lots of mistakes. The very moment the script is read aloud, there are changes. It's read aloud a couple more times and there are changes. I start to memorize and there are changes. And when the play actually gets performed there will be more changes. A word doesn't sound quite right. A sentence sounds stupid. The rhythm is off. Something is misspelled. And change it does! That's why I hold my scripts dear--as in the physical script that's mine. I mark them all up as the changes take place. Then when someone orders a script, I go back through with my script and make the corrections on the computer. It's really too bad that I've MISPLACED ONE OF MY SCRIPTS! And I don't think it was around the house. It's out there somewhere. *sigh*

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