Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creative Machines

While teaching theater classes to some youngsters, I put them into groups of five to come up with a machine that they act out using just their team. Then I try not to look or listen because it can be interesting to try and guess. One team had two people facing each other with their arms outstretched, touching hands; a third person curled up in front of them; a fourth student stood in front of that group of three, moving his thumbs energetically; and the fifth person stood on the other side of that group, framed in the square the two standers created, ducking, weaving, punching while ducking, and doing handstands. The "machine" was a TV with the video game plugged into it. But I got it wrong when I guessed, "video game." It was something more specific--a Nintendo? a DX something or another? Obviously, I am not up on the latest technology.

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